Writer / Director / Filmmaker (Editor / Visual Effects / Motion Graphics / Animation) / Photographer / Musician

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Sacha P. Nathan, an independent director/filmmaker, writer/author, photographer and musician. Adept across multiple disciplines, creating cross-genre narratives blending psychological and philosophical components which delve into the nature of reality and exploration of universal truths.

As an author he has written and published two novels: 'Helianthus Anathema: On The Trail of The Sunflower Killer' (2013) and 'The Constant Wake' (2014). Both of which have ties to his film 'The Sunflower Speaks'. In 2016, he released his album entitled "Eschaton Pulse". Meanwhile as an independent filmmaker, his abilities span multiple aspects of production, from writing screenplays to storyboarding, photography, editing, colourist, visual effects, in addition to sound and music. As a result, he has covered a range of genres and formats from experimental to traditional narrative, films, music videos and web ads. From inception to end, creating strong visuals and atmosphere that compliments and pushes the content to ultimately best serve the narrative.

In 2008, he was the official photographer with the Cricket Association of Thailand. In other sports projects, he shot a promotional and match video for horse polo in 2011 for VR Sports Club and Siam Polo Park in Bangkok, Thailand. Between 2011 and 2012, Sacha photographed products and events for Pronto Denim as well as web videos. Continuing with Pronto he photographed a 3D product reel for their 'Hall of Fade x Pronto 6th Anniversary View Master Limited Edition Set “The Art of Jeans Making”. He also shot 3D photographs for BKK 3D. Whilst in 2015, he directed, shot, edited and composed the music for the 'Pronto Denim Super Review Show (2015)' episode introduction video. From 2015 through early 2016, he developed and worked on video content with the crowd curated fashion brand Kraftka.

In 2009, his film 'Shut Eye' was part of the Official Selection and an Official Nominee in the Action on Film Festival, USA. Additionally in 2011, 'No Future' was part of the Official selection. His horror film 'Malware' shot for the Bloody Cuts 'Who's There Film Challenge (2013) was part of the 'Top 50 Selection', in addition to being listed among the favourites for 'Best Director', receiving honourable mentions for 'Best Effects' and the shortlist for 'Best Editing'.

Currently he is preparing the psychological horror feature 'Psychodrama', alongside the mystery thriller feature 'WriteHard', and TV pilots including 'BlackSite - Project Obsidian'. Additionally developing virtual reality projects (Three Thirty Three A.M.), readying his third novel, and co-creating the expansive hero universe of "Too Many Heroes", a taste of which launches 2019 as a tabletop card game.



2007 - MDH Fight 02
2008 - Untitled Zombie Movie Fight
2011 - 'So Far Away' (Music Video)
2013 - Denim Carnival Miner Advertisement

3D Test Shoot Slideshow (2012)